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Alternatives to Dental Implants, Available at GDC Liverpool.

If you’re currently deciding which dental treatment to choose in order to solve the problem of missing teeth, we have a few options available. Dental Implants have a wide array of benefits, however, they might fall out of your particular price range or just seem unsuitable for you. Our other options, which you might want to consider, include removable dentures or bridge work- both of which are implemented via different procedures to implants and may be more suited to your needs.

When you first come to us at Gentle Dental Care Liverpool, we offer you a free consultation to help us assess your oral health and your needs. We offer both 2D pan oral radiographs and 3d cone beam scans for free, allowing us to quickly diagnose any issues and to plan the correct treatment.

Bridgework: When placing a bridge, we use your existing teeth on either side of the gap, to reinforce your teeth. The healthy teeth on each side are prepared as a crown and we then cement a porcelain bridge over these supportive teeth.

Dentures: At Gentle Dental Care, we offer a range of dentures that include partial or full fittings, full acrylic dentures, mental alloy dentures and the latest ‘Valoplast’ technology, also know as a flexible denture. All our dentures come with a lifetime guarantee and are designed to fit perfectly, without the use of adhesive. We will begin by taking impressions and then you will work closely with our dentures technician to ensure they fit to your mouth exactly.

If you are unsure whether to opt for dental implants, dentures or bridgework, we can help you might the right decision. We offer brilliant aftercare with a dedicated ‘out of hours’ helpline and are always on hand to reassure or provide guidance. Call us on 0151 722 3000 or contact us via our online form here.


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