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Line reduction and dermal fillers at GDC


At Gentle Dental Care Liverpool, we offer a wide range of treatments including dental implants, bridges and crowns, along with our popular facial rejuvenation treatments. We have been treating patients with our line reduction procedures and dermal fillers for many years so know exactly what will work for you and your lifestyle.

Our specialist dental team can help guide you when deciding on which areas your facial rejuvenation should be targeted to and also recommend the best course of action for you. Achieving your desired results doesn’t have to just be a dream, we produce real results at great, affordable prices.

Facial rejuvenation can help you feel like a brand new person. Whether you’re wanting to take a few years off your face, or just feel you would benefit from some of the treatments we have on offer, then we can help. Fine lines and wrinkles develop gradually and can age the face, our treatments can help smooth facial lines, along with preventing them to develop any further.

If you feel your lips could benefit from a slight plumping up, our specialist procedures can help give you your confidence back.

We use a range of products including:

-Restylane perlane
-Restylane lipp
-Radiesse-the injectable implant

If you would like a free consultation with a member of the Gentle Care team, call the surgery on 0151 722 3000 today.

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