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Look After Your Teeth This Easter


The Easter bank holiday is just around the corner and if you’ve given up sugary treats this Lent, it can be tempting to really indulge your sweet tooth once the Easter weekend arrives!

If you’ve given up chocolate, fizzy drinks and cakes the last few weeks, you may find you’re not even craving what you once loved, but if this isn’t the case and you can’t wait to rip open your easter egg, then we’ve got a few tips to help keep your oral health in top condition as you treat yourself!

– Make sure you’re following a simple routine of brushing your teeth, twice a day for two minutes each time using a fluoride toothpaste. This will help remove plaque, which is the cause of gum disease.

– Cleaning between teeth with interdental brushes or floss will make a big difference to your oral health in the long run.

– Using a mouthwash is a great addition to your cleaning routine too.

– Regular visits to your dentist are a must. This is a great opportunity for the dentist to assess your oral health and give you real advice.

– Don’t brush your teeth straight after you have eaten. Your tooth enamel is at it’s softest and can be worn away with brushing.

So enjoy your treats when Easter arrives, but keep our tips in mind to ensure your oral health stays in it’s best condition.

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