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Don’t Let Sensitive Teeth Ruin Your Summer

With the few sunny days we have been able to enjoy recently, we feel we can begin to get excited for the summer season ahead! Although some of us may be dreaming of lovely barbecues and cold ice cream, the thought of it may be sending shivers up your spine. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you don’t necessarily have to spend the summer shying away from any food or drinks that may make your teeth uncomfortable.

Here are our top tips to hopefully keep your sensitive teeth under control:

1. Try to avoid acidic foods whenever possible! Summer time is full of alcohol, and sweet and rich foods but if you can avoid fizzy soft drinks, salad dressing and wine, you might spare yourself some discomfort.

2. Change your brushing habits. A soft toothbrush which is not too harsh on your tooth enamel will help- as will brushing gentler than usual.

3. Find some sensitive teeth products that work for you- some toothpastes are good at treating the direct pain and hopefully will reduce that sharp feeling for a while.

4. Try not to grind your teeth or clench your jaw-both can have an effect on your sensitive teeth. If you continually suffer from these problems, make sure to mention it to your dentist.

5. See your dentist regularly. Regular appointments mean you can get any problem sorted out quickly.

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