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Dental Tips for Your Summer Holidays

This year has already flown by and we’re in the middle of July, dreaming of our upcoming summer holidays. Whether you’re heading abroad this year, or holidaying a little closer to home in the UK, we have some great tips that will keep your oral health in the best condition whilst you’re away.


1. A quick dental check-up– If you’re due to visit your dentist in the next few weeks, choosing to go before your holiday may be a great idea. You can have a scale and polish to ensure your teeth are looking their best and make sure there are no problems with your oral health that could prove troublesome when you’re away from home.

2. Make sure you’ve packed your toothbrush- When you’re in the rush of packing for a holiday, it’s inevitable some things will be forgotten along the way. Try to not make this discarded item your toothbrush- you need it!

3. Keep up your regular oral routine– It can be tempting to become less rigid with your oral routine when you’re on holiday. Late nights and later mornings can all throw your regular routine out of sync but it’s important that you brush twice a day, for two minutes- regardless of your holiday schedule!

4. Drink lots of water – Especially if you’re in a hot country or doing lots of exercise. Not only will it help keep you dehydrated, but it’s also a better option than sugary drinks or fruit juices.

5. Limit sugary foods – It can be tempting to gorge when you’re on holiday- after all, you deserve a break! Whilst you are allowed to slightly overindulge, it’s worth remembering the detrimental effects of sugary food and drinks on your oral health.

6. Limit alcoholic drinks – Another indulgence that often comes hand in hand with holidays- try to steer clear of drinks with fizzy mixers and sweet cocktails.

7. Take care of sensitive teeth– Tempting ice creams and ice cold drinks may pose a problem if you suffer from sensitive teeth. Opt for ice creams over ice lollies, and try to avoid ice cold refreshments if possible.

8. Look after your lips – Whilst you’re slathering yourself in suncream, it’s easy to forget about protecting your lips too. Prolonged sun exposure on your lips can lead to oral cancer so stock up with an SPF lip balm.

9. Beware of any likely injuries – There’s lots of fun activities to participate in on holiday but are you aware of the dangers? Cracking your teeth when diving into a swimming pool is common, along with damaged teeth from sports. Take note of possible dangers and make sure your smile comes back in one piece!

10. Know what to do in an emergency – There is support available if you have an emergency, at home or abroad. For European trips, make sure you take your European Health Card and use it if necessary! Your holiday rep can also guide you in the right direction if you’re in need of specialist treatment. If you’re holidaying in the UK, you can access the dental helpline on 0845 063 1188, who will be able to help you with any oral health questions.

Happy holidays!

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