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Caring For Your Baby’s Teeth

With the exciting news that a new royal baby is on the way soon, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to focus on getting the best dental care for you and your little one.

First of all, if you’re pregnant, it’s best to see your dentist as hormone changes can affect your dental health. This includes instances where you gums may appear to bleed more heavily and if this applies to you, we would definitely recommend heading straight to your surgery for some help and advice.

As for the safety of dental treatments, there should be no problems if you’re pregnant and receiving routine treatments. The Department of Health does advise, however, that if you need amalgam fillings, not to have them replaced until after you have given birth.

When it comes to looking after your baby’s dental health, it can be a little less straightforward. First of all, your baby should start teething around 6 months of age and this will continue until all 20 baby teeth have came through. When your child reaches about 6 years old, adult teeth will start to appear and at age 14, wisdom teeth may come through.

When babies begin to teeth, it can be a painful experience. They may suffer from a high temperature, have red cheeks or be quite hot. There are certain measures that can help reduce the pain including teething gels and teething rings. If your baby seems to be suffering quite a bit when teething, it’s always a good idea to go to your dentist to check everything is ok.

If you’re thinking of taking your baby for a dental check up, we advise discussing this with your dentist. From around 6 months, to when their teeth appear is usually a good starting point.

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