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One in 8 Three Year Olds Suffer From Tooth Decay


A new major study has revealed that one in eight, three year olds have rotting teeth, with some regions in the UK revealing that almost a third of children are suffering from severe tooth decay.

It would appear that many of the problem are caused by unsuspecting parents who give their children dried fruit or fruit juices and smoothies, whilst unaware of the high levels of sugar they contain.

Although fruit juices sound healthy and seem an easy way to get our children to eat more fruit, it’s alarming that a 200ml glass of apple juice contains nearly 5 teaspoons of sugar- just below that of the Coca Cola!

The key advice from many health professionals is to restrict any children under three to just a drink of water or milk. If you do allow your child a fruit juice, it is best to supervise them to drink it fairly quickly, to avoid acid staying in the mouth over a larger period of time.

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