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Research Suggests 100% Fruit Juice is Safe for Teeth

New research from a National Health and Nutrition Survey in the US has discovered that children who drink between 118-177ml of 100% fruit juice suffer no tooth decay, caused by the drink.

100% fruit juice is a drink made solely from fruit, rather than a diluted cordial or those containing additive or preservatives.

Fruit juices have received some bad press in recent years. Many thought they were a great and simple way to consume more fruit, but they can also contain high levels of natural sugars and acid. Many shop bought juice drinks can be misleading and are created from concentrate, thus containing high levels of processed sugar.

Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, says:

“The research clearly highlights 100 per cent fruit juices are a safe option. Parents should look for those with no added sugar. These differ from juice drinks, which have the potential to be more harmful.

“It is not a stretch of the imagination to suggest juice drinks are one of the reasons why three year-olds and five year-olds have signs of visible decay, so it is important we continue to educate parents on the benefits of 100 per cent fruit juices and why they are good for the body and the mouth.

“If parents are still concerned, they can give their child a straw. This reduces the contact the juice has with teeth. Water and milk have always been considered the best drinks you can give them, and this research shows fruit juices can be added to that list too. It is also best to keep drinking fruit juices until mealtimes.”

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