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Are You Scared of Dental Treatment?


Earlier this month, a shocking story surfaced about a woman who was so terrified of visiting the dentist, that she used superglue to stick her teeth back in her mouth for more than ten years!

Due to the strong chemicals in the superglue, 90% of the bone in her mouth had been eroded and she was then forced to spend the rest of her life savings on restoring her smile.

But a trip to the dentist does not have to be panic inducing!

If you are considering dental implants or any other aspect of dental care, at Gentle Dental Care Liverpool, we can offer IV sedation if you are particularly anxious or nervous about your treatment. We use a tiny needle in the back of your hand and the rest is pain free, meaning you can finally get the oral care you’ve been wanting or needing, whilst being able to completely relax.

Our dentist, Dr Al Sharkawi has completed a year long conscious sedation course, guaranteed to calm your nerves and we have a brilliant team at GDC who will be sure to put you at ease.

With absolutely no side effects from IV Sedation, it is the perfect option if you’ve previously been putting dental treatment off due to fear.

If you would like to learn more about IV sedation at Gentle Dental Care Liverpool, then give us a call today on 0151 722 3000.

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