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Celebrate World Oral Health Day!

Each year on the 20th March, we celebrate World Oral Health Day!

This special day is an international celebration of the benefits of having a healthy mouth, and it seeks to promote the worldwide awareness of good oral health.

The UK’s leading oral health foundation has discovered how long we spend brushing our teeth throughout our lives, and the number adds up to 82 days!

By compiling these statistics, the dental charity is hoping to raise awareness of just how important our oral health is.

Dr Nigel Carter said:

“From experience, in reality we know that a lot of people do not always spend two minutes twice a day, every day, brushing their teeth. But our message is simple, you should be!

“World Oral Health Day is an excellent opportunity for people to find out a little bit more about looking after their oral health and I encourage everybody to think about how important their mouths are and consider if they are doing enough to look after theirs.”

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