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A denture can be a very affordable way to regain your smile. We can offer a range of partial or full dentures at various different prices

If you have one or more missing teeth and you know you don’t want bridgework or implants for whatever your reasons, then this is probably the ideal option for you. We understand it can be an emotional time if you are just coming to terms with the loss of a tooth or you have worn ill fitting dentures for a number of years, that is why we at Gentle Dental Care offer the best products and advice to try and assist you to find what is perfect for you.

A denture can be a very affordable way to regain your smile. We can offer a range of partial or full dentures at various different prices, from full acrylic dentures, high quality dentures with ceramic porcelain teeth, to metal alloy dentures providing excellent stability and also the latest “Valplast” denture, which is also known as a “flexible denture”. They are made from an unbreakable nylon resin and come with a life time guarantee! They are aesthetically great and offer a superb fit, without the use of fixadent.

Dentures are made in a number of different stages, starting with upper and lower impressions. You will then visit the surgery for a bite stage, a try in and finally, the fit. In some cases, it may be essential to have a second try in stage, just to ensure that you have the best possible end result. We work closely with our denture technicians to regain your ideal smile and on occasions, we may involve the technician in a chair side meeting with you. This is all part of our quality assurance and service to you.

We also make what we call “immediate” dentures which only requires two appointments. The first being an impression and the second session consists of the fit. It is a way of ensuring that you don’t have to be toothless following extraction(s); we fit the denture immediately!

It is also possible to have dentures based on dental implants, which are known as “removable bridgework”. By using the implants placed into the upper/ lower jaw bone, we can replace all your upper/lower teeth, giving you a denture that has little or no palatal coverage (for the upper teeth.) This works by greatly improving your taste receptors and speech.

Ultimately, it will completely eliminate the use of fixadent and it will dramatically improve your quality of life.

So, whether you need a partial, full, acrylic, cobalt chrome, flexible (Valoplast), immediate denture or implant based denture, Gentle Dental Care can offer you the best advice, care and quality products to suit your individual requirements.


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